Step7 – Operation

Forced steps:
a, PLC – Display Force Values;
b, the CPU right, Insert New Object – Variable Table, opened a variable table in the variable table using the menu Variable – Display Force Values.
forced to use: Open the forced variable window, enter the forced address,
In Force Value set in the actual situation 1 or 0, then we must start forced (right – Force)
2,how to use a query,I,Q, M, etc.
Open any of the OB block, Options – Reference Data – Display, there is a selection prompt, Select View to Be Opened ——— Assignment (Input, Output, Bit Memory, Timers and Counters).

3, Monitor
Click the Monitor “glasses” icon
Monitoring a variable: Open the variable table VAT_1 – Input Monitoring address – click the taskbar ” Establish a PLC connection icon ”

4,backup program copying memory card
Program backup (upload): PC and PLC connection, Create a Project – Menu Bar PLC – Upload Station to PG, interface appears Select Node Address

Program copying memory card:

In S7 interface, Click to start from the PLC has been Block, Select all the blocks (including system data, hardware configuration in which) – The menu bar PLC – Save To Memory Card, DOC interface will appear, wait a few minutes of data downloaded – then right CPU, select PLC-Operating Mode, There will be an interface Click the first button on the top right of the interface (warm start) [Note: The online mode to see]


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