Siemens PLC operating system update method

Creating the operating system update with STEP7 cards steps:

1 Download CPU file.

2 Double-click the filename to extract the files

3 Perform “File/S7 Memory Card / Delete” command in the SIMATIC Manager, delete the micro memory card.

4 Select “PLC / Update Operating System” Programming operating system in the SIMATIC Manager, then select the destination directory and open CPU_HD.UPD file to start the programming process.

5 When “The firmware update for the module with order number 6ES7 315-2EH13-0AB0 was transferred successfully to the S7 memory card” appears on the screen
(order number 6ES7 315-2EH13-0AB0 module firmware update has been successfully sent to the S7 memory card) when the alert message, the operating system update card programming is completed.

Operating system updates:

1 CPU power cut where the rack (PS)

2 Disconnect the PLC from the communication network

3 the prepared operating system update card into the CPU

4 where the CPU power rack (PS)

5 operating system from the Micro Memory Card to the CPU internal flash EPROM. All LED during the transfer of the CPU (FRCE, RUN, STOP, SF, BF) will be lit.

6 About two minutes later, the operating system update is completed. At this point the STOP LED CPU slow blinking => request for system memory reset.

7 off the power and insert the Micro Memory Card required for operation.

8 power. CPU automatically performs an overall reset and then immediately converted ready for operation.

9 would PLC before re-access communication network must be clock synchronization.

2 online updates :


• Use STEP 7 V5.3 and higher firmware can be updated online .

Sta be updated module resides must be accessible online .

· Must be an MMC plug-in module

Must contain the latest firmware version on · programming device (PG or PC) file system.
One folder can contain only one firmware version .

Perform a firmware update :

1 Start STEP 7 and switch to HW-Config.

2 Open the station with the CPU to be updated .

3 Select the CPU.

4 Select the menu item “Target system> Firmware update”. Only when the selected CPU supports “Firmware update” feature, the menu items are available .

5 In the Open menu item “Firmware update” , use the “Search” button to select the firmware update files (*. UPD) path.

6 After you have selected a file , it will in the lower half “Firmware update” of the dialog box prompts the file is suitable for which module and from which firmware version you can use the file.

7 Click on the “Execute” button. STEP 7 will check whether the module can parse the selected file – if the result is positive – the file is loaded into the CPU. If you do this you need to change the operating mode of the CPU , the system will ask the user to perform this change operation . The CPU will then update the firmware itself .

8 inspection by STEP 7 (read CPU diagnostic buffer ) CPU whether to use the new firmware started successfully.

Please note:

When the CPU completes an overall reset, the following values ​​will be retained:

· MPI parameter interface (MPI address and highest MPI address)

· CPU’s IP address

· Subnet Mask

· Static SNMP parameters

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